How do I schedule a pick-up or grease disposal?
To schedule a pick-up you can do so through our website or by contacting our office at (973)539-6433. If you leave a voice mail message and require a return call, it will only be done upon request.
When should I call for a pick-up?
The best time to call is a week before the container will be full.

Is there a cost to pick up the oil?
The set up, grease container & service are all free of charge with our grease service! Our grease cleaners do the work at no cost to you.

Grease Disposal FAQ

What is a grease container?
A grease container can be a 55 gallon steel drum or a steel container that resembles a garbage dumpster.
Is a contract required?
No, grease removal agreement letters are available upon request.
What does NYC require?
The NYC business integrity commission known as the "BIC" requires all food establishments to dispose of their "waste cooking oil" by a "BIC licensed" grease removal company such as M&E Soap Company, Inc.
What does the NYC BIC require?
The NYC BIC requires that each food establishment provide proof of using a "BIC licensed" grease removal company such as M&E Soap Company - BIC license #2838. Documentation will be provided upon request.

What does M&E do with the waste cooking oil?
All oil goes to a recycling facility in New Jersey which once recycled is used as caloric ingredients for animal foods.
For grease disposal what does the city of Newark require?
Please contact M&E Soap Company and we will supply you with a letter stating we are servicing your food establishment which is required by the city for your certificate of occupancy.
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